MobiAnalyst 1.7, a major evolution!

It is an important turning point for MobiAnalyst© Online, our GIS multimodal platform because we have launch this week the new version: MobiAnalyst© Online 1.7.

MobiAnalyst Online is a GIS Cloud solution for Territorial Analysis and Mobility Specialists. This product is suitable for Transport Authorities, Network Operators and Planning Agencies by offering these functionalities:

  • Multimodal Routing Solver
  • Multimodal Cost Matrix Solver
  • Multimodal Service Area Solver
  • Multimodal Networks Catalog of Street and Transit Data: (urban and regional data throughout Europe and North America)
  • Cross Analysis of Points of Interest and Socio-Demographics Data
  • Results analysis and publication, through ArcGIS Online
  • Dedicated and Secure Web Portal

Elected best ESRI application in 2014, this professional tool is the best support to analyzed mobility and increase your productivity!

The launch of MobiAnalyst© 1.6 is an important step for MobiGIS and our GIS Multimodal Platform! The main innovation is the new multimodal mass itinerary solver made available online. It enables the calculation of multiple routes between several origins and destinations. It is perfectly suites, for example, for Company Mobility Plans. Saving analysis results in ArcGIS Online improved with this new release. It allows more efficient sharing and cartographic treatment of MobiAnalyst Online results on your GIS and on the Cloud.

The Mobility Flow Analysis Widget offers several analysis tools and various data sources, thus enabling mobility patterns throughout a territory.

This functionality enables to answer the following questions:

- Which are the most dynamic areas of my territory and analysis?

- How many people are in a given area on specific days and at specific times, or depending on traveler profile or mode of transport?

- Where to peoples come from, and where to they go to when they leave my area of analysis?

Mobility analysis can be performed on INSEE commuting data, Bouygues Télécom GSM mobile data, or from Household Mobility Surveys, based on territory and analysis needs of the user.

If you want to try our service you can ask for a test on our ArcGIS Marketplace page.

To have extra information on our product do not hesitate to ask us questions.