MobiAnalyst 1.8, a major evolution!

MobiAnalyst Online is a GIS Cloud solution for Territorial Analysis and Mobility Specialists.

The latest version of MobiAnalyst-Online is available!

With the new MobiAnalyst-Online version 1.8 comes the following changes:


MA Analysis widget evolution

  • Routing, Access Area and Matrix solvers are now grouped in a single widget
  • User experience has been improved thanks to a new user interface for the multimodal solver and to the pre-setting of solver parameters
  • A recap of calculation parameters can be exported in text format
  • Drive times can now include historical traffic data (congestion) to be analyzed with all MobiAnalyst solvers
  • Access Areas: it is now possible to solve up to 10 cutoffs
  • Origin & Destination Matrixes: it is now possible to chose a time of arrival - as it was already the case for Routing and Access Area solvers
  • With all MobiAnalyst solvers it is now possible to select the maximum number of changes for multimodal trips with public transit

Cross-Analysis widget evolution

  • The symbologies have been improved on the map and on the output statistic graphs

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