MobiAnalyst Online 1.0.3, a more efficient version !

After the different events of the beginning of the year (ATEC-ITS, EPC, Workshop), we had a lot of positive feed backs on our MobiAnalyst Online service. These advices are really precious for us and make easiest evolution of MobiAnalyst. Thanks to that we can offer you the 1.0.3 version today! 

MobiAnalyst Online is a GIS Cloud solution for Territorial Analysis and Mobility Specialists. This product is suitable for Transport Authorities, Network Operators and Planning Agencies by offering these functionalities:

  • Multimodal routing
  • Multimodal service areas
  • Multimodal networks catalog (urban and regional data)
  • Cross-analysis of socio-demographic data (Points of Interest, Key performance Indicators...)
  • Share your results with ArcGIS Online
  • Work on a dedicated and secure web portal

Sans titre-1IHM of the application MobiAnalyst Online

1.0.3 version include these modifications:

Major functionalities:

  • Credit consumption visualization tool, enabling users to keep an eye on their credit use
  • Credit consumption in the previous 30 days
    • My requests
    • The responses
    • The evolution of my credits
    • My credit consumption
  • Integration of an Origin and Destination Solver
    • Passenger count at stops: number of passengers boarding and alighting
    • Analysis of first origins and final destinations
    • Transit lines graph of load: transit occupancy counts
    • Transit lines occupancy rates

Minor functionalities:

  • Language and measuring unit management through the ArcGIS Online user account parameters
  • MobiAnalyst cross-data analysis widget improvements:
    • Output layer export
    • Changes in the output symbology

Bug corrections:

  • Symbology bug at cross-data analysis between MobiAnalyst service areas and layers uploaded from ArcGIS Online

If you want to try our service you can ask for a test on our ArcGIS Marketplace page. 

To have extra information on our product do not hesitate to register to our web-conferences or to ask us questions.