Offer for MobiAnalyst-Online !

MobiAnalyst© Online, launched last month, is a professional decision-support tool enabling geospatial analyses.

MobiGIS is doing a special launching offer! For any subscription before January 31st 2016, we are offering 500 additional credits, thus giving you a total of 1,500 credits with your subscription.

What are 1,500 credits worth?

  • 30 000 multimodal routes
  • 6 000 single-mode access areas
  • 4 000 multimodal access areas
  • 3 000 cross-data analyses


Reminder of the functionalities of the Online platform

MobiAnalyst© Online functionalities, combined with numerous multimodal transit and road networks enable a quick increase in your productivity and in the reliability of your analyses.

Reminder of the portal’s functionalities:

  • Multimodal itineraries
  • Multimodal access areas
  • A catalog of networks containing transit (timetable) and street data (for urban areas in France, Canada, USA, Europe, Australia…)
  • Geoprocessing tools enabling socio-demographic cross-data analysis (POI, KPI…)
  • Sharing results through ArcGIS Online
  • Secure dedicated access portal
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