About Project:

ADEME (French agency for Environment and Energy Management) selected the" Mobi -Lise" project, a mobility data sharing platform, to experiment on the Champagne -Ardenne territory. Data will be collected from several different sectors (public institutions, companies, individual users), and via various channels (surveys, cell ID, tools developed by ADEME , ... ) .
An application will be developed to encourage people to provide active and passive data. A comparison and detailed analysis of the data will help develop:

  • A decision support tool dedicated to urban planning, but also improvement and development of mobility services for territorial policy makers ,
  • A decision support tool for residents and visitors of the territory, on their travels,
  • A platform for open data mobility
  • A platform for open data and algorithms to a community of researchers.

The project, led by Chronos, brings together six partners from social science and sciences : Edenway , Ludovic Bu, SEM Numerica , Phoenix SI , MobiGIS and Smartengy .