About Project:


In the interest of reducing the inequalities in access to services in Aquitaine, the « Près de chez moi »-Project has the intention to constitute a geo-located directory for the registration of local services in the region. In order to serve the planning policies’ interest, this project wants to provide decision-support tools, especially for the location of public services.


MobiGIS realized a database which is always available for the communities, via web application. This application helps to respond to initial requirements and applies to numerous themes: health care, public services, services of first necessity, telecommuting etc.
It visualizes:
- Service coverage in a certain area (isochrones)
- The rate of inhabitants having access to these services

This tool was developed in the form of an API easy to integrate into the homepages of the partner communities.


The region of Aquitaine does now have a good knowledge about available services in its territory and is capable to inform its population.

The user enters an address and the kind of service he’s looking for (bank, post office etc.) into the application, then a card localizes the address, positions it at the center of the screen and displays the 20 closest services to the indicated address. Each service is searchable and provides the user further information (e.g. address, opening times etc.) as well as the option to calculate the itinerary. The user can enter a new address or search for other kinds of services at any time.