About Project:


The implementation of the Biodiverity policy of the TOTAL Group demands a good knowledge of the position of the Group’s main sites in relation to protected zones (in 2010, 150,000 protected areas covering about 24 million km²)


MobiGIS gave access to the representation of TOTAL EP’s global sites and their situations, especially related to protected areas: Our GIS experts developed an Internet application which releases cartographic data of TOTAL EP (exploitation and production sites, refineries, oil depots, petrochemical plants etc.) protected areas registered by the WCMC and global layers (satellite plan and imagery).


The Biodiverity GIS Team of TOTAL successfully reached its objectives:

  • Central data sharing of useful and validated information
  • data formatting carried out by GIS specialists
  • easy accessibility to data via a thin client
  • RIA Flex applications providing high potential and multiple solutions for Web Mapping
  • Importance of mashup in data visualization